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Fitness continues to be one of the hottest industries in franchising. The Sasquatch executive team, with over 20+ years of combined experience, has identified three key issues that prevent gym owners from maximizing the profitability of their gym: generating demand, converting leads and retaining members. Teaming with Sasquatch Strength allows you to take advantage of our time tested, proven methods and proprietary tools for handling these challenges so that you can focus on your passion for spreading health and fitness. Aside from our one-of-a-kind training programs and outstanding customer service model we create a welcoming community not only our clients, but for our entire team.

  • Our administrative team at Sasquatch Strength has worked over the years to build a strategic and impactful customer engagement model that has elevated athlete participation and individual success.
  • We do our best to foster a community, with a systematic approach to customer interactions we provide: custom software platforms for CRM, Sasquatch Branded equipment and apparel, best in class supplements, personal training, and hold unique fitness events/competitions. All of these elements combined with excellence in training provide our athletes with an experience that makes their workout out the best part of their day.
  • Contrary to our competition, we have elevated the community feel inside of our facilities and our membership program. We make sure that each location’s branding and workouts are standardized and consistent. We have a customer service program that is intentional about making personal and repeated connections with every athlete and member, inside and outside of the gym. We strive to bring the community closer together and to forge an environment where everyone feels welcome and safe. We will take anyone from where they are to where they want to be.

Executive Team

Highly Experienced and Time Tested Team